Qualities desirable in a good tour operator

“A good sojourn is not only good for the body but also for the mind and the soul”
When we start planning for our vacation, the first thing we all start thinking about is the destination that we need to hit. The next thought obviously is about booking our tour with a tour operator who arranges our travel itinerary in order to get a trip by small group tours vietnam.

In today’s times, a tour operator is a very promising career option. More and more people are going the travel way. The reason why they travel can be as multitudinous as the people itself. But the expectations are the same everywhere. One to have a comfortable nice trip and second to take back home lovely memories of the places they visited. A good tour operator needs to have all the below mentioned qualities

1. He must be organized in his systems and processes:


A good tour operator keeps his supplies and customers both happy. He must also keep his staff in high morale so that a great experience can be passed on to the customers of his tour packages. If there is anything lacking in the system and process of the operator’s business model it will give away too soon. A customer can understand the underlying currents of the business. They can sense any positive or negative undercurrents in the model. Therefore it is very important that the company is in good health, the staff is kept happy and motivated to serve the customers with a pleasing personality and warmth.


2.  He must plan and grab opportunities coming his way


A good tour operator is always looking out for opportunities to sell his product. He cannot afford to just there and expect the customers to come looking for him. He must have a good marketing plan up his sleeve. He must plan and chalk out strategies to increase footfalls, to clock up revenue and to make a niche for him in the travel industry by creating exciting packages for various target passengers. He must read extensively and try to put things together to make plans that will be beneficial to him.


3. He must be a good networker


There is so much to learn from association with other tour operators and also customers.  He may not be able to do good business if he isolates himself from everyone. He must talk to all people and seek answers to his queries.


4. He must be friendly to neighborhood businesses and local small timers


A good tour operator must find a fine balance between the modern and the traditional. He must try and project his culture in a colorful vibrant way so that the people want to throng to see what he has to offer. Adding a local flavor and chutzpah to his area is a good idea because it brings revenue to his area. Plus there is always an incentive that his business will increase due to word of mouth.


5.He must readily adopt new technologies


He must embrace new technologies and update himself with the latest. Modernization of business processes can greatly improve sales and he can make better profit. There is cost benefit in advertising his tour packages on the social networking sites. Even the target audience is reached without spending wads of currencies.


6. He must hire skilled people


For a tour operator, his skilled workers and employees are his assets. He must keep them well and also keep boosting their morale. Any other temporary employees like free lancer, consultants, attorneys, etc also should be kept well and with respect.


7. He must be committed to service


The tour operator must have his best face forward when he is meeting his clients. He must always greet them with a smile and call them by their names. It is very heartening to tourists to be acknowledged as members of a tour rather than just a number. He must personally interact with his group. The tone should be affable and soft. He must follow up with enquiries that are sent to him trough mails, e mails and telephone.


8. He must be welcoming and warm


When a tour operator is warm and welcoming, the tourist knows for sure that the person wishes well for him. A tour operator must have pleasing demeanor when dealing with his clients. He must be attentive to their needs and responsive to any of their queries. He must make an extra effort to be pro active to his client’s needs.

The tour operator must sound as excited to take the clients to that one trip that the client is also excited about. If all is well with the enterprise, a customer will definitely get the benefit. But additionally also they will recommend the tour operator to their other friends and family members. Don’t we often come across travel blogs where the writer dedicates a few sentences to the tour operators .It is very important for the operator to have positive frame of mind.


9. He must be knowledgeable


A successful tour operator must have good knowledge about his field and also the products that he is offering. By no means can the knowledge be substituted for street smartness. The person must have expertise and also have a very good knowledge about everything local. For eg, the local produce, weather throughout the year etc.


10. He must be dynamic in personal and professional life


The business should be dynamic. As a person, he must continuously innovate and re innovate in order that he continuously experiments as to which of his strategies will strike gold. So he must keep trying.


11. He must be a good communicator


A good tour operator engages well with his clients. He is also good at managing his employees and outside suppliers.


12. He must propagate eco tourism


A tour operator who propagates responsible tourism is definitely going to be very successful. He may build a successful around his sustainable tourism ideas and create lasting goodwill. We have only one earth and we have a responsibility to save it for our future generations. We cannot be reckless and destroy everything.  The operator can make this theme at the centre of his business philosophy and without doubt he will become very successful.

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    Organized System

    A tour operator who propagates responsible tourism is definitely going to be very successful.

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    Grab Opportunities

    A good tour operator is always looking out for opportunities to sell his product.

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    Committed To Service

    The tour operator must have his best face forward when he is meeting his clients. He must always greet them with a smile.